Online Coaching, Meal Planning & Training Programs now Available Nation Wide!

Services Offered

1-on-1 Strength Training

strength, training, crossfit, fitness, gains, goals

Training with us is about setting goals and smashing through them. Weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain... whatever it may be we get you there ! That is our promise. 

Meal Planning

meal prep, meal planning, nutrition, healthy eating, foodie, macros, proteins

Your workouts must compliment your food and your food must compliment your workouts. All clients have a customized meal plan designed to get you where you want to be in the safest and fastest way. 

Injury Rehabilitation/ Massage

shoulder injury, knee , rehab, stretch, core

We are Rhode Islands 1st choice for post- rehab for most injuries.  Through strength training and professional guidance we have helped first responders, athletes and the elderly get back to their peak form.   

Sports Specific Training

boxing, mma, kickboxing, stage, fitness, model, soccer

Both armature and professional athletes have used our facility to get ready for events as well as pre and post season training.  

Deep Tissue Massage


We offer an affordable deep tissue massage.  At $55.00 you can come in and relax while having your tension , stress and muscles worked.  For booking availability call us at 401-771-9101

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Most asked questions :

Are you a gym open to the public ?

No, we are a private training facility, however we do have programs clients can take advantage of that allows you to come in and workout on their own. 

Do you offer meal planning without training?

  Yes, you are welcome to come for a complete health screening and have a custom plan designed for you without training . 

How much are you ?

We work with all budgets.  Your monthly will depend on how many times per week you come in to train.

Does meal planning come with training.?

Yes, all clients are on a meal plan.  We normally don't agree to train any client without them taking part of a plan we put together for them.  Our name and rep is on your hips! 

More Massage Info Please. 

Our deep tissue massage is 50 minutes long for $55.00 .  You must book an appointment by calling the facility.  We do not offer any other types of massage services.  

Online Training/Meal Planning


Nationwide we are helping people get the body they want and deserve.  With complete easy to follow workouts, meal planning, weekly check ins, its like being here in person.